Ways to Decorate Your Dining Room When Your Budget is Tight

We will now look at a number of different ways for decorating a dining room to give it a
whole new lease on life, without breaking the bank.

1. Why not cover the table with some fabric in order to hide any ugly surfaces? You
could then use the colors in the fabric as the basis for the new décor for the room.

2. The use of inexpensive accessories will help to change the whole appearance of
your dining room. Get some candles and candleholders in order to provide a
different look and feel to your room.

3. Why not make a wall hanging for the room. If you can, purchase some Chinese
posters (these are inexpensive) as they are easy to turn into wall hangings.

4. Why not see if where you live has a furniture bank. This is where you can arrange
to drop off any old pieces of furniture that you have and no longer want. Then all
you need to do is choose a piece from what they have there to replace the piece
you have donated. You may find the ideal dining table and chairs that you want
for the theme of your room.

5. The rule of three. Instead of placing items together as even numbered groups, do
it in odd numbered groups instead. Where 2 candlesticks together look
symmetrical, by adding a bowl or another smaller candlestick holder, you will give
the element of surprise. Plus, by mixing colors and textures in order to form
groups of three in a room, it will provide you with a whole new look also.

6. As previously mentioned, when looking to redecorate your living room, move the
furniture. You can also do this in your dining room. Instead of the table being
horizontal to the walls, why not place it in the room at an angle (but make sure
you have enough space to walk round it). Also, move any cupboards etc., away
from walls, and instead place these in corners of the room at angles. By doing
this, you are giving your dining room a whole new look.

7. Why not build and attach a fold down shelf to one of your dining room walls? It
will certainly make it easier for you when entertaining, and can be used as a buffet
area also.

8. How about giving your dining room cabinets a new lease on life and paint them to
accentuate the color of the room? Check at your local paint supply store or DIY
store, as well as online for advice on how to paint unusual surfaces.

9. Use a mirror in order to create light and space in your dining room. Frame one in
such a way that it creates a mock window. You could even use one by placing it
behind some artistic belongings in order to highlight them from all sides.

10. If your dining room chairs are looking a little tired and dated, then cover them
with slipcovers…why not try making some covers yourself? Why not purchase
another tablecloth or two that matches the one you use for your table, and
upholster them in this as well?

11. Finally, why not repaint the room? You do not need to do the whole room, just
paint one or two walls with an accent color. Maybe go for a color which will
accent all the various aspects of the room, and integrates well with any soft
furnishings that you have.

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