Some Tips on Redecorating the Master Bedroom When Finances Are Tight

It really is quite easy to change the look of your bedroom without spending a fortune.
Just using a little creativity on your part will go a long way to improve the layout, and
look, of your haven away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

1. A good thing to do before your start redecorating your room is to de-clutter.
Unfortunately, many of us tend to use our bedrooms as dumping grounds because
they are away from the public eye. So put any items that you don’t need away in
labeled boxes and store them either under the bed, in a closet or the garage or loft.

2. Next, why not give the walls a new coat of paint? This is the most inexpensive way of
changing the look of a room, as well as the one that will have the most impact.
You do not even need to paint the whole room you could just repaint one
particular area (that may be in need of renovation), such as the wall behind the
bed. But you do not even need to change the color; all you need to do is paint on a
fresh coat of the paint that is already there. However, whether you decide to
change the color or use the same color, you will find that the feel of the room will
have changed. You could even consider putting up a border, or stenciling some
designs on to the walls in order to give the walls a little more life. Both of these
ways are inexpensive and will give any tired old room a new lease of life.

3. Why not have a rummage through your drawers for scarves, tablecloths or pillowcases
that compliment the color scheme of your bedroom? Such things can be used to
soften the top of a dresser or the edge of your bedside table.

4. By adding scent to your room, you will be changing the way the room feels. If,
however, you do not have any potpourri, then cut up some orange peel and allow
it to dry. Once dry, mix it with whatever sweet spices you have (say cinnamon,
ginger or all spice) and then put it in an open bowl in your bedroom to freshen it

5. Get some old baskets and hang them up in nooks and corners of your bedroom. Not
only will they add style to the room, but will provide you with additional storage
space also.

6. A great way to change the look and feel of a bedroom inexpensively is by buying a new
lamp or even just a lampshade. Choose a color and style that will compliment the

décor of your room. Such an item can be used to accent the color scheme of your
room also.
It is important to remember that the bedroom is a place where we spend much of our
downtime. So why not spend a little time making a haven for yourself which will not
break the budget?

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