Why was Asmongold’s alternate account banned from Twitch?

Twitch star Zack “Asmongold’s” alternate Twitch channel, Zackrawrr, was banned on June 11, 2022. The streamer had hopped on to his alternate channel to have some calm, camera-less streams and focuses on playing games, but something else was on the cards.

Earlier today, the streaming community was shocked to see Zack’s alternate channel getting banned. A conversation thread about it became a trending post on the streamer-oriented subreddit, r/LivestreamFail.

Asmongold's alternate account was recently banned (Image via u/BridgeDuck45/Reddit)
Asmongold’s alternate account was recently banned (Image via u/BridgeDuck45/Reddit)

Fans speculated that the Twitch content creator was banned because some players said the N-word in Diablo Immortal.

Asmongold talks about Twitch’s ban on his alternate account, zackrawrr


Asmon uploaded an eight-minute long video earlier today on his main YouTube channel talking about his recent suspension from the livestreaming platform.

The streamer confirmed that his secondary account was banned while he was playing Diablo Immortal on the grounds of hateful and unmoderated conduct in his chat:

“So, effectively, I was streaming Diablo Immortal, which to be fair that in itself should be grounds for a suspension but unfortunately Twitch did something even dumber than that.”

His address continued:

“They decided to suspend me for hateful and unmoderated conduct in my chat and I’m not talking about my chat on Twitch, I’m talking about my chat box on Diablo Immortal.”

Asmongold proceeded by mentioning how the player wrote the N-word in-game and somehow managed to bypass the language filter:

“I had stood up for maybe like five or ten seconds, I was readingjusting my blanket here and I had my chat showing and in the process of doing that, there was a person in the chat box who typed the N-word and they did not type it obviously, I have the language filter on so they had to use special ways to get around it so they put dots in between every single letter so it was n dot, i dot, etc, you know how it goes.”

The Twitch star spoke a bit more by clarifying how he did not want to pay more attention to the racist player in-game. Things, however, didn’t go the right way as Twitch ended up banning him for not addressing the situation at the time:

“Twitch decided to suspend me because I did not adequetaly address the situation although I spent five minutes afterwards talking about it and going over the reasons why it’s stupid and the fact that people that do this are just annoying attention-seeking man-children!”

He continued further by expressing his frustration:

“Apparently this wasn’t enough and so Twitch suspended my account with apparently no grounds to even appeal and remove the suspension.”

For those that were wondering, I won’t be live tomorrow because my second channel is suspended and it would technically be “ban evasion”Here’s why–…

Asmongold also added:

“So the reason why I think this really p*sses me off is because of the fact that I clearly did not support any of this and also it’s the implication that by the suspension being there that I am somehow complicit or okay or approve of racism being on my stream, which I find to be completely f***ing disgusting and absolutely an insult to me!

Fans react to Asmongold’s alternate channel getting banned from Twitch

More than 850 fans flocked in to provide their take on the streamer’s recent suspension. Several fans wanted to know the reason for the World of Warcraft gamers’ unexpected Twitch ban.

Fans grabbed the opportunity to make some jokes by saying Asmon was banned for playing Diablo Immortal on stream.

Some fans sarcastically stated that the ban was justified after he played the controversial Blizzard Entertainment mobile game.

Reddit user u/Ashgur provided a reasonable and speculative response by mentioning that the player was being racist in-game by saying the N-word in the game’s chat room.

Several fans were astonished to hear that the One True King co-founder got banned for something that was out of his control.

Fans claimed how the Twitch sensation found a reason to delay the fan-favorite Final Fanstay XXIV livestreams:

Asmongold has confirmed that he won’t be able to stream on his main Twitch channel due to the Amazon-owned platform’s ban evasion policy. Fans can expect the streamer to make a return after his secondary Twitch account gets unbanned.

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