Kate Middleton has ‘high levels of trust’ in Mike Tindall – whose family is ‘the fun side’

Prince William and Kate Middleton sat close to Zara and Mike Tindall on the last day of the Jubilee celebrations, on Sunday, June 5. The families watched the Platinum Pageant together. They had also sat beside one another on the Saturday, June 4, as they watched the Party at the Palace. What did their body language reveal about their relationship?

William and Zara are cousins, but their destinies have always been quite different: William was born to be King, while Zara took a more unconventional path – being an Olympic equestrian – and has no royal title.

However, both families are close, especially as they now have children.

Mike Tindall even seems to be the “naughty uncle” to the Cambridges’ two sons and daughter, according to body language expert Judi James.

Analyzing their movements over the Jubilee weekend, Judi said: “A relationship we have not seen in quite such full force as we did over the Jubilee celebrations was that between the Tindalls and William and Kate.

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“The inter-families bonding signals stretched even higher than that generation as Charles and Anne were also sitting together chatting and laughing in the royal box in a way that they haven’t always managed to do in the past.

“William grew up with Zara but their destinies were so diverse, with William always being trained for his future role as King, while Zara kept non-royal status to enjoy all the freedoms that came with that.”

Judi claimed that “she and Mike and their children seem to be the happiest, most spontaneous and most fun side of the Royal Family”.

“They are always looking cheerful and playful in public, in a way that reflects the constant grins on the faces and the very tactile behaviors of Mike and Zara themselves,” the body language expert said.


Mike and Zara have been seen kissing in public in recent weeks, while Kate and William will barely hold hands when out and about.

Judi continued: “The couple and their children seem to be able to project contagious fun in the royal firm, with everyone from the Queen downwards always seeming to adore their jokes and their more natural and spontaneous approach to life.

“For William and Kate and their children, this sense of family freedom must be something of a treat.

“Their lives will always be more formal and they will get more so with time, as will the lives of their children.

“This may be why both sets of children play together so naturally, and the way that William in particular seems so bonded to Mike, as well as Zara, must help retain that element of fun in the Cambridges lives.”

Interestingly, Judi claimed “there is a hint of hero-worship and more than a hint of respect from William to Mike, who would have been one of his sporting heroes in his rugby-playing days, and we’ve seen how the two men enjoy banter, as well as warm and very affectionate hugs”.

She continued: “Mike seems to be the ideal naughty uncle for William’s children and his ‘I’ve got my eyes on you’ gesture to little Louis suggested he might be the fun uncle who can still keep all the children in check if necessary. ”

Judi is here referring to the scene at the Platinum Pageant where Louis was misbehaving by being fidgety and making playful facial expressions.

At one point, Mike bent to Louis’ level and pointed at his eyes and then at Louis’ face, suggesting his eyes were on the young Prince.

“Kate’s reaction to this gesture was a wide smile of delight, showing high levels of trust, as well as a close relationship,” Judi said.

“The Jubilee pageant in particular must have been the end of a very long weekend of parenting but both William and Kate’s interaction with the Tindalls, who had strategically filled the row behind them, seemed to suggest they adore their love, support and relaxed playfulness, as well as the effect that has on their own children.”

The Tindalls have three children: Mia, Lucas, and Lena.

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