How to create a fast XP farm in Minecraft’s 1.19 update

Experience points are vital for Minecraft players. They’ll need them to apply enchantments on the enchanting table and repair their gear at the anvil block.

For new or returning Minecraft players, it may be slightly confusing to build an experience farm quickly and effectively. Fortunately, there are plenty of designs that players can utilize to accomplish both objectives.


By creating something as simple as a kelp or stone XP farm, players just starting out in a world can rack up experience easily with very little effort or resources.

Below, Minecraft players can find a few simple steps to create a basic kelp XP farm.

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How to construct a quick kelp XP farm in Minecraft

A basic kelp experience farm (Image via NewJeliyFish46/DailyMotion)
A basic kelp experience farm (Image via NewJeliyFish46/DailyMotion)

Thanks to recent updates, the Minecraft community has conceptualized the ideal early-game XP source. Before players ever create a mob tower, they can create a kelp XP farm for quick and easy experience.

The premise is fairly simple. Players use a furnace or smoker to convert kelp into dried kelp. They then craft the dried kelp into blocks as a fuel source to smelt more dried kelp. Each kelp smelting will reward players with experience, and it adds up in a huge way.


Steps to make a basic kelp XP farm

  1. Grab as much as possible. This material is typically found underwater, particularly in ocean biomes. Players won’t need any specific tool to harvest this material. Simply break kelp stalks underwater and reap the rewards.
  2. Craft two hoppers, at least two chests and a furnace or smoker block. A crafting table is also very helpful for quickly producing dried kelp blocks. Players will also need some form of fuel to get their farm going. Any fuel works here, including lava buckets, coal, wood or other fuel sources.
  3. Begin by placing a chest (or double chest if players would like more space) at a desired location for the farm. This will be the output chest for dried kelp.
  4. Crouch and connect a hopper to one of the sides of the chest.
  5. Minecraft players will want to place their furnace or smoker on top of the hopper placed in Step 4. Place the fuel source inside this block to prepare it for smelting. Be sure to crouch when placing the furnace or smoker to avoid opening the hopper’s inventory.
  6. Place another hopper atop this furnace/smoker before placing a chest on top of this hopper.
  7. Place the regular kelp in the topmost chest. It will smelt through the furnace block and be deposited into the bottommost chest. Minecraft players can then take the dried kelp and use the crafting table to craft it into dried kelp blocks. Afterwards, players can insert the dried kelp blocks back into the furnace/smoker and use it as fuel. As long as standard kelp is fed into the top chest, players won’t run out of fuel and can rack up plenty of experience.

This farm takes little to no resources and will operate as long as players keep feeding it kelp, both fresh and dried.

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