Justis Huni rocked by drive-by shooting: Police investigate as boxer stunned

Police are investigating after Australian boxing star Justis Huni’s home was sprayed by bullets in a drive-by shooting on Thursday morning.

Justis Huni’s house has been declared a crime scene after a drive-by shooting.

Police are investigating after being called to the Australian boxer’s home in Logan, south of Brisbane, when five bullets were fired into his living room on Thursday morning.

The frightening incident occurred less than a week before Huni is scheduled to fight Joe Goodall in Queensland next Wednesday night.

Huni’s manager Dean Lonergan said five shots were fired and Huni’s dad and trainer Rocki was told not to touch anything as a forensics team investigates.

“There was a drive-by shooting in the Huni neighborhood at 4am this morning,” he said. “All five shots are lodged in the Huni family home … through the window and into the lounge room.”

Speaking to the Courier-MailLonergan added: “They woke up and found five bullets in the living room.

“Justis was at home and there were up to 10 family and relatives in the house, including a young baby.

“Rocki rang asking me what to do and I said ring the police, so he did.”

Rocki opened up on the incident and couldn’t think of any reason why his son’s upcoming fight could have been behind the shooting.

“I heard some shots, I didn’t really think anything of if,” Rocki Huni told Nine.

“When I went outside to investigate I didn’t see anything, by then we called the cops and then when my wife checked and she saw the holes through the curtains and the windows. There are cops all over my house with forensics right now.

“There’s 10 of us living in the house, I’ve got my daughter staying with us — she’s got two kids, one, six months, the other eight-years-old. It was crazy because right where one of those shots when through is where we feed the baby early in the morning.

“I’ve been just rattling my brain like, have we done something? But I just cannot work it out. I’ve gone through different scenarios in my head. In all my time, nothing like this has ever happened before.

“I’m not on social media, so I don’t see everything that’s going on, but there’s nothing. They (Huni and Goodall) are two guys that like each other, they’re a week away from going to war but nothing has been taken personally.”

Huni fought ex-NRL star Paul Gallen last year, winning via a 10th round TKO. But the fight cost him dearly, as hand injuries suffered in sparring before the bout forced him out of the Tokyo Olympics and required surgery.

The 23-year-old has been out of the ring for nearly 12 months and he was slated to make his return against Goodall next week. What this terrifying shooting does to that plan to fight for the vacant IBF Pan Pacific and WBO Oriental heavyweight titles remains to be seen.

The Huni-Goodall clash will elevate the winner into the WBO and IBF top 15, which means they are eligible to fight for the world title or at least gain lucrative international attention.

Huni said last month he was onto “bigger and better things” now but will always be thankful for the opportunity he had to fight Gallen on the big stage last year.

“I’m very happy I took that fight and got to experience fighting on a Main Event card, which is pretty big for someone that’s only had five pro fights and being able to do that in front of a large crowd and in the heavyweights, “Huni told in May.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity Gal provided for myself and he continues to do for other boxers.”

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