F1 22 trophy list revealed

Trophy name Trophy description Trophy level Time required Completionist Unlock all of the F1 22 trophies N / A Always Improving Complete 250 successful overtakes in any game mode icon >5 hrs Weekly Warrior Participate in any Featured, Weekly or Esports Event icon Up to 1 week Spotlight On Me Have your car be the focus during a Broadcast Safety Car icon >10 mins slotting in Slot into the grid starting box 10 times icon >1 hour Ferrari fan Win a race at Monza with a Ferrari Engine in My Team icon >1 hour Red Bull Racer Win a race at Austria with a Red Bull Engine in My Team icon >1 hour Renault Racer Win a race at France with a Renault Engine in My Team icon >1 hour Mercedes Master Win a race with a Mercedes Engine in My Team icon >1 hour Classic Photographer Take a photo using Photomode at Silverstone, Spa, Monza & Monaco icon >10 mins Just Popping In Visit another player’s F1 Life area icon >5 mins Proud owner Display a trophy in your F1 Life trophy cabinet icon >30 mins Feels Like Home Change the appearance of your F1 Life area icon >5 mins Getting The Hang Of It Drive 25 laps in a Supercar in any game mode icon >2 hours Gold All Around Earn a gold medal in each type of Supercar Invitational icon >30 mins Drifty Drift for a total of 3 minutes in the Drift Invitational mode icon >5 mins Lookin’ Good Change a piece of your Casual attire icon >30 mins Lookin’ Stylish Change the Paint Finish on all layers of a livery icon >10 mins Pit Perfection Perform 25 perfect pitstops icon >5 hours Equipped With The Best Upgrade Pit Crew Equipment to the max level in My Team icon >5 hours Crisis Management Complete 25 Department Events in My Team icon >30 mins Executive Decision Agree to and complete an Ask The Driver Department Event icon >45 mins Better Together Complete your first race weekend in Two Player Career icon >1 hour Fighting for 1st Earn 1st and 2nd place in a single race as players in Two Player Career icon >1 hour All Around The World Complete a clean lap at all tracks in Time Trial icon ~1 hour Speed ​​Demon Reach 300kph / 186.4mph at 10 different tracks icon >20 mins Pure Power Achieve first in the speed trap in 5 practice sessions icon ~3 hours Back Online Re-open a facility that has been shutdown for more than 7 days in My Team icon ~2 hours You Know Our Name Reach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team mode icon >6 hours All Rounder Develop a component in every R&D Department icon >2 hours get it done Complete a practice session using Quick Practice icon On top Achieve pole position after any qualifying session icon A Good Day Get on the podium icon A Great Day Win your first race icon Ultimate Prize Win the F1 Drivers’ Championship icon >6 hours Makes The Dream Work Win the F1 Constructors’ Championship icon >6 hours I Want It All Set the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix icon Beating Them All Finish 1st in a Ranked & Unranked multiplayer race icon The Start Finish 10 races in online multiplayer icon ~2 hours The Grind Finish 50 races in online multiplayer icon ~10 hours The Veteran Finish 100 races in online multiplayer icon ~20 hours Racing Clique Complete a League race icon Watchful-Eye Spectate an online race icon Replay That! Save a captured highlight in Theater Mode icon F2 Flyer Complete an F2 Grand Prix with a Sprint and Feature Race at 25% or greater race distance icon ~45 mins It Only Goes Skin Deep Win a 25% race in wet conditions icon Vision tunnel Successfully complete 15 upgrades in a single R&D department icon >5 hours superstar supercar Fill all 6 bays in F1 Life with unlocked Supercars icon ~3 hours Boosted Boost your 2nd driver’s stats 10 times using Team Activities icon ~2 hours Annihilation While in 1st place, lap the driver in 2nd place in any game mode icon Scouring Complete a race at F1’s hottest tracks (Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Brazil) in Clear weather icon ~1 hour

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