Grace Tame stuns followers with hidden talent after book announcement

Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has impressed her followers by revealing a secret talent as part of a book announcement.

Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame has showcased one of her secret talents after announcing to her followers that she had written a book.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning, the 27-year-old announced that she was releasing a book, titled The Ninth Life of a Diamond Miner: A memoir.

But that wasn’t the only surprise in store, with Ms Tame revealing she also illustrated the cover “using a cheapo $1 ballpoint pen from Woolies”.

The intricate drawing features two self-portraits of Ms Tame, surrounded by a variety of intertwined wildlife and plants.

“Go on, I’m ready for the two-headed Tasmanian jokes…” she wrote.

It appears many were impressed by Ms Tame’s drawing talent, with commenters claiming they had no idea that she harbored this skill.

“GRACE! You drew that????” comedian Kirsty Webeck asked.

“AND she can draw…” ABC journalist Virginia Trioli wrote, sharing Ms Tame’s post.

Another commenter told the former Australian of the year she was “ridiculously talented”, while another claimed her artwork put their “stick figure drawings to shame”.

“You can get more out of a $1 biro than I can get out of an iPhone camera,” one person joked.

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“Hard to decide which is best — the idea that you’ve written a memoir, your amazing drawing, or your unfailingly quirky sense of humour!” another said.

One added: “You did that cover?!? wow! Honestly & seriously amazed at that talent. I know that content is important and be powerful in it’s own right. It’s just I already knew that. I didn’t know you were an amazing artist as well. I am, as always, ever impressed by you Miss Tame.”

The book is set to be published on September 27, 2022 and can be pre-ordered now from publisher Pan Macmillan Australia for $49.99 for a hardback, $44.99 for an audiobook and $12.99 for an ebook.

Ms Tame, an activist and advocate for survivors of child sexual assault, has written the book to share her story in her own words and on her own terms, a description on the Pan Macmillan Australia website states.

“Like Grace, it is sharply intelligent, deeply felt and often blisteringly funny,” the website reads.

“And, as with all her work, it offers a constructive and optimistic vision for a better future for all of us.”

The description states that much of Ms Tame’s life has been defined by “uncertainty, trauma, strength, sadness and hope” and recalls how she found the courage to speak out as a teenager at the child sexual abuse she had suffered.

“This fight to find her voice would not be her last. In 2021 Grace stepped squarely into the public eye as the Australian of the Year, and was the catalyst for a tidal wave of conversation and action,” the description states.

“Australians from all walks of life were inspired and moved by her fire and passion. Here she was using her voice, and encouraging others to use theirs too.”

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