Woman exposes boyfriend’s cheating with sex texts on smartwatch

A woman has revealed the shock way she discovered her boyfriend was cheating – with a series of dirty texts on his unattended smartwatch.

A woman has revealed the shocking way she discovered her significant other had been cheating – after looking at his smartwatch.

The devastated woman detailed her heartbreak in a TikTok video, showing messages he’d sent to other women and sex workers.

While the unidentified woman didn’t reveal what made her look through his smartwatch messages, but often people have a “gut feeling” when their partner is up to no good, The Sunreports.

In the short clip, she begins by stating: “Caught my boyfriend cheating on me.”

Then the video goes on to show multiple messages he sent to different women that she read through his smart watch.

“There’s my girl… you are so beautiful,” one read.

“I miss you and it’s killing me,” another said.

In another, he sent a woman a goodnight message, along with a stream of heart kissing emojis.

The clip has racked up over 25k likes and has been viewed over 600k times already according to the UK publication.

But in another devastating blow, the woman claimed she had caught her partner cheating on her with multiple sex workers, sharing a message he’d sent to one escort asking for price details and availability.

“I want you naked in my bed,” one read. “Are you available on Thursday night?”

Viewers of the video sympathized with what she was going through, and many claimed to have been in similar situations.

“This was me 12 years ago sadly & god blessed me with someone better. Praying you heal girl it’s so sad seeing this happen,” one wrote.

“This is more common than y’all think… I was oblivious too, until I wasn’t. If his friends do it, he’s doing it,” another claimed.

A third said: “Feel blessed for catching him now and not later, you would have wasted more time on him.”

However, there were some who claimed it wasn’t cheating, one wrote: “That’s not cheating.”

“Listen it’s not that bad his not messaging other girls it’s just exercise. There’s no love or anything,” another commented.

The shocking story of deception comes just days after one woman revealed the crazy way she discovered her man was up to no good – after recognizing her partner’s thumb in a photo that proved he was with another girl.

When you catch your bf cheating bc you recognized his breakfast order and thumb in another girls IG post,” she captioned her viral TikTok.

Poking fun at the lengths she went to, she added the “oh my god, she’s insane” audio over the top.

Many people were highly invested in the incident and asked for more details.

One said: “Story time? Was the girl a mutual friend?”

The woman replied: “She’s asked me to not involve her publicly so I’ll keep her business bc she’s going through the same as me he lied to both of us.

“But basically neither of us knew the other existed and each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the pics and messaged her.

“I’m not sure if she’s still with him but I went no contact straight away (after much gaslighting) and he still maintains he didn’t cheat hahah.

— With The Sun

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