The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party at the Palace concert features Paddington Bear, star performances and a Partygate joke

Day three of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations has closed with quite a show in front of Buckingham Palace.

The Party at the Palace concert kicked off at 8pm local time, with the line-up including Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Diana Ross, Alicia Keys and Hans Zimmer.

In case you weren’t awake at 5am AEST to follow the action, here’s a wrap of some of the key moments.

Paddington Bear met the Queen

The Queen sits down to tea with the charming but slightly clumsy Paddington Bear.(AP: Buckingham Palace/ Studio Canal / BBC Studios / Heyday Films )

The concert opened with a skit of the Queen sitting down to tea with fellow British icon Paddington Bear.

Despite being characteristically polite and well-meaning, poor Paddington made a bit of a mess of the spread.

The ever-prepared bear offered the Queen an emergency marmalade sandwich — something he keeps stashed in his hat — but it turned out that was unnecessary.

That’s because the Queen also keeps such essential provisions on hand at all times.

Now we know why she’s always carrying around a handbag even when she has people to hold her things for her.

The Queen grins as she takes a sandwich from her handbag
The Queen comes prepared. (AP: Alastair Grant)

Lee Mack made a Partygate joke

Late last month saw the release of a scathing report into a series of parties held at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official residence while the UK was under a strict COVID-19 lockdown.

The scandal, dubbed Partygate, prompted fierce criticism and calls for the British PM to resign. In fact, Mr Johnson was booed on his arrival at the Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service on Friday.

Lee Mack speaks at the Platinum Jubilee concert
Lee Mack says his joke “wasn’t in the autocue”.(PA: Henry Nicholls)

Comedian Lee Mack referenced the Partygate affair while on stage. Here’s what he said:

“Welcome to the Platinum Party at the Palace!

“We are here right outside the gates of Buckingham Palace for the party of a lifetime.

“And I tell you what, finally we can say the words ‘party’ and ‘gate’ and it’s a positive.

“That wasn’t in the autocue…”

Mr Johnson was in the audience.

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson arrive for the Platinum Jubilee concert
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson arrive at the concert.(AP: Hannah McKay)

There were a few Queen references

The first came in the form of a performance by Queen (the band, that is) with Adam Lambert we vocals.

They played We Will Rock You and Don’t Stop Me Now, with military drummers adding something a bit extra to the performance.

Guitarist Brian May really drove the whole “queen” reference home by popping up above the stage in front of the Queen Victoria statue:

Brian May plays his guitar in front of a large statue of Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace.  He looks thrilled.
Queen guitarist Brian May plays for the Queen in front of a statue of another queen. (AP: Jonathan Buckmaster)

Later in the concert, Sam Ryder played Space Man — the song that earned him second place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But he tweaked the words slightly, singing “space Ma’am” while gesturing towards the Queen.

Sam Ryder playing guitar on stage while wearing a sparkly Union Jack bodysuit
Sam Ryder shreds on the guitar. (AP: Jonathan Buckmaster)

More to come.

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