Not Enough Nelsons: YouTube family shows tricks to coping with 16 kids

If you thought two or three kids were hard enough, this family shares what it’s like with 16 children, and the tricks they use to make life manageable.

When you have a lot of kids, you can’t always do things the way regular families do.

US couple Tiffany and Benji Nelson have 16 children, ranging in age from two to 25 years. Of those, seven are the couple’s biological children and nine are adopted.

Oldest daughter KennaDee Haddock, 25, uploaded a video showing off some of the most unusual parts of their everyday life, The Sun reports.

She captioned the video: “Things that just make sense in a family with 16 kids.”

In their dining room, she showed how they have a gigantic lazy Susan so that everyone can reach food at the table.

KennaDee also showed off their large garden, and added: “A backyard where all 16 kids can get married.”

Transporting the family around can be hard, so they have a huge “party bus” instead of a car.

She also showed off their kitchen sink piled high with dishes and explained the mess was just from one meal.

Finally they have three fridges and five freezers to store all of their food – plus two dishwashers.

Commenting on the video, one person said: “I’m not trying to be rude – I love my family – but sometimes I wish you could adopt me.”

Another added: “How do you afford all that?”

And a third wrote: “Things that make sense … when you’re rich.”

The Nelson family lives in a stunning mansion, which sprawls over three floors, features 10 bathrooms and even has its own gym.

The family took viewers behind the doors of their enormous house on their YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons.

The luxury pad is spread across three floors, with the ground floor home to a kitchen, dining room, living area and outdoor chill-out space.

There’s also a home gym, huge dressing room and a home office.

Mum Tiffany revealed she creates a menu each week showing the kids which meals are coming up, while there’s also a huge blackboard grocery list they can add to whenever they have a hankering for something.

Chatting in a YouTube video, Tiffany revealed the couple’s master bedroom, huge ensuite bathroom and adjoining nursery room.

Youngest child Ledger has his own nursery room and even a little bathroom where Tiffany bathes her son in the massive sink.

Though you might assume such a large family don’t get much time to themselves, Tiffany revealed she and Benji have their own little suite within the home.

“There’s a little alcove and barn doors I can shut when I want some privacy.”

Walking to the outdoor chill-out space, she said: “OK guys, this is a secret as well so when you’re outside, it can get chilly so there’s a sleeping bag to slip into while you’re out here.”

The video also shows all the kids’ bedrooms, each decked out in a unique way to fit the children’s personalities.

The children are: KennaDee, KassaDee, Bridger, Ledger, Beckham, DeLayNee June, PaisLee, Luke, NayVee, SaiDee, LiLee, JourNee, Jaine, Trey, ElleCee and PresLee Grace.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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