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Suns key forward Mabior Chol spoke to Channel Seven after the game…

Q: Congratulations, the third biggest win in the Gold Coast Suns history. Thanks for joining us.
A: No worries, thanks for having me, it’s awesome. I don’t normally get a lot of media time, so I am enjoying this.

Q: Anytime we talk to you, we love it. Last week you had 1.3, and we thought you contributed well, this week you had three before half-time. What happened?
A: That is what I focus on, just my contest and my follow-up. I thought I did that pretty well last week but I didn’t get the reward off the back of it. I had a couple of shots at goal, but I was really lazy with it. I did a lot of work during the week, trying to get my head over it. Today I got rewarded, on the back of some really good contest and follow-up, and that’s what I tried my game on.

Q: Tell us about the decision to leave the Tigers and come to the Gold Coast. You look so comfortable here and have added so much to the team, was it a hard call? What was the turning point for you?
A: Definitely it was a hard call, to leave the club that gave me the opportunity from the start and have so much belief in me, but at the end of the day, I sat down with my manager, and I really wanted to think about my future. I thought I made the right move as well to come to Queensland. My family is there, there is more opportunity. I knew I wouldn’t be coming in and playing straight away, I had to work really hard for my spot. Just enjoying my footy, and it’s just awesome.

Q: Yourself and Levi (Casboult) are working really well together, how much work have you done pre-season and now during the week when you get out there? Because it is not you jumping up and bringing to ground, or kicking goals, it is him. You seem to have a good combination.
A: It’s funny, we do have a good connection, but during pre-season we didn’t really train a lot together. Just because he had a couple of niggles and I had my shoulder coming off surgery. We are gelling really well together and I think there is a lot to look forward to in the future, though.

Q: You’ve got a really good, young midfield. We saw (Nick) Holman come through and lace them out right in front. Who do you want kicking the ball to you?
A: There are a lot of good players in there! I mean, look, we have really good connection with…

Q: You got to name one!
A: Geez. Maybe (Matt) Rowell, you can’t go wrong there. We have a really good young midfielder, and they just turn up and go to work every week. It has been awesome with these guys and I’m loving playing with them.

Q: You are a beautiful kick naturally and you said you got a bit lazy on the set shots on the night, so casual and relaxed, and the field kicking is beautiful as well. It is a real asset and something that seems to work well for you.
A: I mean, I am a very relaxed guy once you get to know me. So you won’t be surprised the way I play my footy. There might be a bit of slow motion move, but I am pretty quick out there.

Q: And you are staying up here for the week, what are you looking forward to doing over the next couple of days? To get out what Darwin has to offer?
A: That is something that as a group we have been looking forward to, to be together and build that chemistry and bond we have been working on throughout the summer. It’s very hot, and I would love to go, maybe, to a couple of rivers, but probably have to be careful with the crocodiles and stuff. I think there is a group going to Tiwi, so that will be really interesting. I would be looking forward to that if that happens.

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