Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia

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Seriously, where the f*** can you buy a PS5 in Australia? And when will more be available? We asked all the retailers so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking to grab some games or extras for your PS5, you can check out a few of our sale roundups:

Update 1/6: The most recent hardware drop was at Big W.

Amazon Australia: PS5 Stock

Update 21/4: Amazon once again has stock for the digital PS5. It also had stock for the PS5 disc version, but it sold out as quickly as it appeared. Amazon remains the most reliable drop site of late, so we’ll keep you in the loop if more come up.

Sony Store Australia: PS5 Stock

ps5 australia
Picture: Sony Store

Update 17/3: And they’re gone. Drops on the Sony store are very infrequent, and typically sell out within literal minutes so be fast. Keep an eye on this page for future drops.

Target Australia: PS5 Stock

ps5 australia
Image: Target

Update: 11/5: Target has the standard console and dual controller bundle back in stock! Be quick!

Big W: PS5 Stock

Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia
Picture: Big W

Update 1/6: PS5 stock is back! The PS5 Digital Edition is back in stock too!. Head to the store page right over here for future drops.

EB Games: PS5 Stock

ps5 australia
Image: EB Games/Kotaku Australia

Update 20/3: And they’re gone again. There’s a suggestion EB might have more stock this time next week, so make sure you keep a link to EB’s PS5 preorder page handy for future drops.

JB Hi-Fi: PS5 Stock

jb hifiUpdate 7/3: With online orders still not available, your best shot with JB is to call up your local store and ask if you can be added to a pre-order list. Kotaku Australia readers have had success with that in the past; you can find all the phone numbers you need via the JB Store Finder page.
ps5 australia

Good luck!


Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia

Following in Telstra’s steps, Vodafone announced they’re offering the disc version and Digital consoles through their Customer Care channel.

Vodafone’s page is taking registrations for people who want to add a PlayStation 5 to their existing Vodafone services. You need at least two eligible postpaid mobile, NBN or tablet services with Vodafone to qualify. There’s no saving (or gouging) on ​​the price of the full-size console or the Digital edition, and you can choose to pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months. It’ll cost $20.83/month on top of whatever you’re already paying Vodafone to get the disc-based PS5and $16.67/month for the Digital Edition. You’ll have to call up 1300 728 637 to confirm eligibility and place an order, but there’s no guarantee right now on stock.

The Good Guys: PS5 Stock

Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In Australia
Picture: The Good Guys

Update 7/3: All out, unfortunately, but hopefully with other retailers getting supply The Good Guys will be able to re-open orders soon. Keep an eye on the store page here for when drops do come through.

The Gamesmen: PS5 Stock

Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In AustraliaUpdate: 23/3: All gone for now, but keep an eye out. You never know when The Gamesmen will come in clutch.

Harvey Norman / Domain: PS5 Stock

Where To Buy Or Preorder A PS5 Console In AustraliaUpdate 7/3: Harvey Norman’s stock is gone for now, and there’s no word on when it’ll be back. Keep an eye on Harvey’s stock page right over here.


Update 7/3: There’s currently no stock at Kogan, and no PS5 landing page. Plenty of PS5 games, though.

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