Fitzy and Wippa host Michael Wipfli: AVO withdrawn against superfan Lisa Christian

A superfan of Nova 96.9 radio host Wippa says she’s missed the presenter after police applied for an AVO to keep her away from him.

A superfan of Nova 96.9 radio host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli said she was “relieved and happy” to learn the application for an apprehended violence order against her was withdrawn.

Lisa Marie Christian said she’d “missed him a lot” after two years of keeping her distance, but it hadn’t stopped her from listening to the Fitzy & Wippa show every day.

On Friday, Downing Center Court was told the AVO application was withdrawn after nearly a year of uncertainty.

Mr Wipfli told police his superfan had sent him hundreds of messages and a package of handmade dolls to his Sydney home.

Police took out an interim apprehended violence order in July last year to protect the radio star and his family from the woman, who runs a fan website dedicated to the Nova 96.9 star.

But Ms Christian opposed the AVO and the court was told that the case could raise questions about the appropriateness of granting AVOs against people with cognitive impairments.

A hearing was scheduled to be held in Sydney’s Downing Center court on Friday morning, but the court was told the application for an AVO had been withdrawn by the prosecution.

Defense lawyer Jonathan Jaramillo told the court that discussions between the defense and prosecution had been successful and the application was withdrawn by mutual agreement.

When asked why the application had been withdrawn, the police prosecutor told the media it was “not necessarily” due to lack of evidence.

Ms Christian did not appear in the court after foreshadowing the decision in a social media post.

In the post from Wednesday afternoon, she said police were withdrawing their application to protect Mr Wipfli from her due to a lack of evidence and her mental health issues.

“I wasn’t a threat to him,” she said in the post, where she also said she hoped she’d be able to attend radio events again.

In her numerous social media posts about the radio host, she admits to having Mr Wipfli’s phone number and said she wrote to the radio host every day prior to the AVO application.

“I guess you could say I’m a supafan (sic), but I’m not a stalker,” she wrote on her public page.

“I gave him some nice presents one day … and he gave me an AVO.”

Ms Christian toldNewsWire it had been a long journey and she was “very relieved that it’s all over”.

She said she had been asked to “take a break” from seeing Mr Wipfli a year before the AVO application was submitted.

“It’s been two years since I’ve seen him and I’ve missed him a lot,” she said.

Despite the protracted legal issues, Ms Christian said she never stopped listening to the Fitzy & Wippa show.

“He’s a happy fellow so he cheers me up,” she said.

Ms Christian said her mental state meant she wanted to reach out to the radio host, whom she considered a friend, when she was distraught.

“I became quite attached to Wippa and dependent on him for advice,” she said.

Following the AVO application, the superfan said she wouldn’t contact the radio host until he reached out to her.

Ms Christian said it had been a happy conclusion to the legal issues and she was feeling stable in her life.

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