“Looks Like a CS Map” – Ex CS:GO Pro Shroud Shares Valuable Insights On the New Valorant Map Pearl

Riot Games has recently announced some major changes in Valorant coming in the way of fans. From a brand new map entering the game to a beloved map rotating out, Episode 5 is about to start with a host of surprises, both good and bad.


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Pearl is the all-new map that is set to hit the game on June 22, the first day of Episode 5 Act 1. However, beta testers have had the exclusive chance to try the map before its official launch. As a result, many of us already know what Pearl is bringing to our plate – a lot of lurking enemies alongside beautiful underwater scenes!


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In a recent video of his, Shroud has shown off his gameplay on Pearl and shares valuable insights. His first opinion of the map is somewhat comforting and definitely prepares fans for what’s about to come.

Shroud reacts to the brand new map Pearl in Valorant

To begin with, Shroud started a solo custom game to take a look at the map’s design. It’s needless to say, he was impressed. “This is wild… looks like a CS map,” he says.

He also notices the 1vX potential of Pearl. “It’s really easy. It’s not like you’ve to look up through a rope through a vent… It’s just like… It’s very simple.” he explains.

As he continues to explore, Shroud exclaims the barriers are very far from each other. In fact, Pearl has a lot of open space that players have to deal with. Players can quickly get caught in the middle of fights with no cover to fall back on.

He then goes on to play a Standard Custom on Pearl with his friends and shares further immediate insights. “I think Sage could do some interesting things here…” he says, explaining the possibility of a Sage wall reaching an off-angle height in certain scenarios.

While playing the Standard match, Shroud also discovers the huge lurk potential Pearl has. “I like when there’s a lot of lurks. I think that’s cool.” he proclaims.

Key insights on Pearl, Valorant’s eighth map

Most of us have been lurking on YouTube for new map impressions since the day of Pearl’s announcements, much like how our enemies are going to lurk upon us once the map joins the game.

Thankfully, Riot has made it possible for beta participants to show off Pearl to the global audience. In fact, Pearl is already live on Valorant’s PBT version (available only in North America).

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As pointed out by Shroud, Pearl has a lot of potential and constitutes a vast area. It is probably the biggest map, as of now. As a result, Pearl could easily become overwhelming without a strong controller. Plus, sentinels are a must-have on Pearl to stop an ambush.

Nevertheless, Pearl is expected to be a brilliant addition to Valorant. It constitutes a fresh underwater design and seems quite simple to learn.


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What do you think about the upcoming map in Valorant? Does Pearl have the potential to become your favorite map? Let us know in the comments!

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