Andrei Mikhailovich’s ‘KO of the year’ stuns boxing Vs Ernesto Espana, Justis Huni Vs Joe Goodall

Boxing fans were left in disbelief after one fighter delivered a punch for the ages that turned his opponents lights out instantly.

Andrei Mikhailovich — remember the name.

After threatening to steal the show from the Justis Huni Vs Joseph Goodall heavyweight clash, the Russian-born orphan turned rising New Zealand boxing superstar pulled off yet another highlight reel knockout.

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The 24-year-old moved to 18-0 after a pair of monster right hands took out experienced Venezuelan Ernesto Espana within three rounds.

While he has finished just 11 of his fights with knockouts, the last five have finished early, with the last three all ending before the third round.

And these weren’t just waved off — these were monstrous knockouts.

Aussie legend Jeff Fenech was excited by what he saw in Mikhailovich.

“What a big right hand that was,” Fenech said. “I’ve got to say one thing about Mikhailovich, he’s a great finisher. When he gets you hurt, he finishes you.”

Speaking to reporters after the fight with the adrenaline still running high, Mikhailovich said that Espana was a difficult customer with long limbs and the experience of how best to deploy his talents.

“As soon as I relaxed and just backed myself — well, I always back myself — but you saw what happened, he wobbled and then there was, boom, kabam, roadrunner s***,” he said.

“This is the hammer (his right hand) and this is the left hook from hell, so you got two bombs coming in and you haven’t seen the uppercut from hell.

“You all see me as this knockout puncher but I’m a developing fighter. Regardless of what rank I am, I’m still an apprentice in my eyes.

“I believe I’m the best but I’m still with the apprentice. When I walk in the gym, believe me, I believe on the best fighter that’s ever lived to my soul of souls man, but like every day I walk in the gym and I say absolutely nothing. I shut up and I listen, and I trained my a**e off.”

The result will see Mikhailovich likely ranked in the top 15 in both the WBO and IBF, meaning there will be some big fights coming up.

In the ring, Mikhailovich said the result meant a lot, saying: “When I was teenager growing up I was bullied for having pimples, being ugly, being silly and to be standing here, I feel like I’m on top of the world , to be top 15 in the world,” he said. “For me to be able to tell my sons that when I get home and they grow up and appreciate it, it just shows that hard work does pay off.”

While he said he’d prefer to go home to “see my wife and kids” and “right now I want to just go home and be a daddy”.

As for who he wants next, he had one name he wanted — Michael Zerafa.

“I want to fight who people believe are the best, I believe I’m the best, but if Zerafa’s in, let’s go man, anytime, any day, I’m ready for that,” Mikhailovich said.

“If we can have a great showdown with Zerafa, I think there’s a great fight and I think that’s like a super fight. You know, I’m the young gun coming up and he’s like seasoned vet and like there’s so many variables to that fight.

“So we need to make that.”

And fans are eager to see Mikhailovich again as the 24-year-old continues to climb the ranks.

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