How to Decorate the Nursery When Your Budget is Small

For every new parent, they have a vision of what the perfect nursery should look like.
But really, is there any need for you to spend $2,000 in order to decorate and furnish a
space that, in a couple years, they will have outgrown? In fact, you do not need to spend
a fortune of decorating a nursery for that new arrival.

In this chapter, we will look at several different ways in which a nursery can be decorated
no matter how small your budget is.

  1. Instead of using wallpaper, paint the nursery instead. Why not choose colors which
    will co-ordinate with the baby’s toys, rather than going for the traditional colors?
    Also, why not invite friends and family round and get them to dip their hands into
    a pot of paint and place their handprints on the wall? They could even sign their
    names underneath if they want. Doing it this way, your baby will get to enjoy a
    brightly colored room full of contrasting patterns. This is of especial appeal to
    young infants. Also, it is an interesting way of introducing them to those people
    who will be important in their life as they grow up.
  2. You do not have to be artistically inclined, but if you want, why not add some stencil
    designs to the walls? This is inexpensive, as well as an easy way of adding
    different elements and features to a baby’s room. However, it is best to choose
    stencils which will match the theme of the room.
  3. Where the floor is concerned, make sure that you have a stain resistant carpet, or just
    have hardwood floors with some scatter rugs on it. But if you already have carpet
    lay and you are worried that it may not stand up well, then why not get an area
    rug which will cover and protect it?
  4. When you are decorating a nursery, why not consider buying some pieces secondhand
    or used instead? The advantage to this is that you may find items that are of a
    higher quality than you would normally purchase. Or it may be you find a vintage
    piece of furniture, which you can then refinish to match the décor of the nursery.
  5. Why not get an old, beat up chest of drawers, and then paint with a high gloss paint,
    and then replace the handles on it?
  6.  Also, consider buying a piece of furniture that can be used for many different things.
    Do not spend money on buying a changing table, rather, buy yourself a dresser
    that is about waist high, and sit a changing mat on top. Then fill the drawers with
    all your nappy needs. In order to stop the pad from slipping, place a small bath
    mat with rubber backing face down underneath it. Then, once the child is older,
    the chest of drawers can be used as it was intended.
  7. Instead of spending large amounts of money on buying storage boxes for your
    nursery, why not use baskets and shelves instead to store toys and other infant

There are many decorating ideas around for nursery and which will save you money.
Hopefully, the ideas above will help you when making decisions on how to decorate a
nursery on a small budget.

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