How to Decorate a Teenager’s Room When You Have Budget Constraints

If you are the parent of a teenager, sooner or later the subject of redecorating what has
been a child’s room will come up.

A teenager’s room is different from a child’s room in that it should be treated more like
an adult space. But, it should have a slightly fun flair to it also. It is best if you involve
your teenager in coming up with a theme that will help to express who they are (and not
what you want).

Also, when redecorating your teenager’s room, let them choose the colors, but provide
them with some guidance. So why not let them have a look on the internet and see what
they can find?

When redecorating a teen’s room, remember that they are very sensitive to color, and
they are much more free with their sense of adventure. Why not go for using a bolder
color on the wall behind the bed, and in this way you have a great focal point. Plus, it
will save on you having to decorate the whole room. Also, it means that you can include
a color in the room that they really like and want, but which will not overpower the room

Another way to redecorate your teen’s room when on a tight budget is to change the
window covering. Instead of curtains, why not get them blinds instead? Because they
come in so many different designs, colors and materials, there is likely to be something
that they will like.

Why not get hold of a small table and turn this up into a cool make up vanity by painting
it to match your teenager daughter’s bedroom décor?

Also you could get some colorful bed linens to bring all the elements of the decorating
you have done together. You could even purchase extra sheets, which can be made into
curtains and lampshades that will match the rest of the décor.

If you can not afford to replace a worn out carpet in your teen’s bedroom, then opt to
have it taken up, and go for low maintenance painted floors with some throw rugs. Also,
why not include some large cushions which they can use when their friends come round?
It will provide them with a much more relaxing and friendly atmosphere for them and a
place where they can get away from it all.

Rather than replacing a perfectly good bed, instead, just get a more adult like headboard
for it instead.

Plus, by rearranging your teen’s furniture in their room, you will be able to give it a
whole new dramatic look. Many successful teen room makeovers can quickly and easily
be accomplished just by changing the layout of a room. Also, by introducing new
accessories and lighting to their room, it can help to change the look of a teen’s room

If you want to make a teen’s room look a little funkier, then pick up some fringe or
beading from a clearance table at the local craft store. You can then glue this around the
bottom edge of the lampshade and the hems of curtains to provide a new look. You
could even glue it around the edges of shelves.

Why not keep those free CD’s that such people as AOL put in to magazines etc., and turn
them over on to the reverse side and glue them to the frame of a mirror or to cover a
closet door. Another great way is to glue them in an overlapping fashion and use them
as a faux frame for your teen’s posters.

So, as you can see, there are many ways in which a teen’s bedroom can be redecorated
and will not end up costing the parents an arm or a leg.

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